My boy Mario, called me frantically today and said that Jose would be playing in a softball game with his twin brother Ozzie today.

As far as collecting Canseco cards goes, Mario has been in the game as long as me, and like me, has never met Jose-That is, until today!

As it turns out, Ozzie plays in a softball league only 5 minutes away from Mario’s house in Florida. So for the last 3 weeks he has been going and rooting for Ozzie.

Today he went to the game and to his surprise, Ozzie’s little brother Jose was in Florida and playing softball with Ozzie!

Since Mario and his wife had been to the games before, Ozzie recognized them and introduced them to Jose.

As it turns out Mario’s wife and Jose’s girlfriend, did as women do, and talked the entire game becoming fast friends.

The great news for me is that, my boy Mario, handed a copy of my DVD (available for view on this site) directly to Jose!!!!

For the next few days, I am sure, I will be wondering if Jose has watched that DVD.

For me, the added bonus would be that Jose and Ozzie watched it together!

I have my email address on the disc art, so I am hoping that he appreciates the dedication, loyalty and hard work I put into it, and drops me a line.

The greatest part of is that Mario said Jose was as nice as could be, never giving that celebrity attitude that one might expect.

I feel that one day i will meet him, I hope it is a good day and that it was as great as Mario’s.

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