Insanity ensues as 2 more Canseco Ebay auctions go over the century mark!

First, 2005 Donruss Prime Patches number patch auto /25 sold for $102

Prime patches cards are holding their value well, this is the second to go for over $100 in the past week.

The next auction was a four card lot, but two cards clearly drove the interest.

2000 SP Buy Back auto /20

And the other is a very interesting card, the 2000 Upper Deck Game Jersey Patch card-I talked to a few of the other old school Canseco collectors  and none of us has ever seen that Patch card-This is interesting because there is a mythical Game Jersey Patch 1/1 from that same set-Is this the one?

This auction finished with the highest final bid of any of the last 1,100+ Canseco auctions-$143.

Pretty impressive for a player that retired 7 years ago and is supposedly hated by all but us loyal few.