Heard it here firts! The Canseo King coins the phrase “AROID”!!

March 26, 2008

It’s been a long time coming but Jose Canseco finally calls out that pretty boy Alex Rodriguez.

So I will be the first to change his nickname from AROD to the more appropriate “AROID”

Aroid had the nerve to chase Jose’s wife after he took him under his wing as a ball player and introduced him to a known steroid dealer, that apparently improved Alex’s career?

Now I know that just because Aroid was introduced to that dealer, doesn’t mean he actually did steroids, but come on, the chances are pretty good that he took advantage of his new friends connections at some point.

Let us all remember, Jose, as far as public opinion goes, may have some character flaws but he is not a liar-that has been proven.

Maybe it is best that the first book didn’t get made into a movie because now the two books can be rolled into one better movie…


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