It’s been a long time coming but Jose Canseco finally calls out that pretty boy Alex Rodriguez.

So I will be the first to change his nickname from AROD to the more appropriate “AROID”

Aroid had the nerve to chase Jose’s wife after he took him under his wing as a ball player and introduced him to a known steroid dealer, that apparently improved Alex’s career?

Now I know that just because Aroid was introduced to that dealer, doesn’t mean he actually did steroids, but come on, the chances are pretty good that he took advantage of his new friends connections at some point.

Let us all remember, Jose, as far as public opinion goes, may have some character flaws but he is not a liar-that has been proven.

Maybe it is best that the first book didn’t get made into a movie because now the two books can be rolled into one better movie…


Insanity ensues as 2 more Canseco Ebay auctions go over the century mark!

First, 2005 Donruss Prime Patches number patch auto /25 sold for $102

Prime patches cards are holding their value well, this is the second to go for over $100 in the past week.

The next auction was a four card lot, but two cards clearly drove the interest.

2000 SP Buy Back auto /20

And the other is a very interesting card, the 2000 Upper Deck Game Jersey Patch card-I talked to a few of the other old school Canseco collectors  and none of us has ever seen that Patch card-This is interesting because there is a mythical Game Jersey Patch 1/1 from that same set-Is this the one?

This auction finished with the highest final bid of any of the last 1,100+ Canseco auctions-$143.

Pretty impressive for a player that retired 7 years ago and is supposedly hated by all but us loyal few.

My boy Mario, called me frantically today and said that Jose would be playing in a softball game with his twin brother Ozzie today.

As far as collecting Canseco cards goes, Mario has been in the game as long as me, and like me, has never met Jose-That is, until today!

As it turns out, Ozzie plays in a softball league only 5 minutes away from Mario’s house in Florida. So for the last 3 weeks he has been going and rooting for Ozzie.

Today he went to the game and to his surprise, Ozzie’s little brother Jose was in Florida and playing softball with Ozzie!

Since Mario and his wife had been to the games before, Ozzie recognized them and introduced them to Jose.

As it turns out Mario’s wife and Jose’s girlfriend, did as women do, and talked the entire game becoming fast friends.

The great news for me is that, my boy Mario, handed a copy of my DVD (available for view on this site) directly to Jose!!!!

For the next few days, I am sure, I will be wondering if Jose has watched that DVD.

For me, the added bonus would be that Jose and Ozzie watched it together!

I have my email address on the disc art, so I am hoping that he appreciates the dedication, loyalty and hard work I put into it, and drops me a line.

The greatest part of is that Mario said Jose was as nice as could be, never giving that celebrity attitude that one might expect.

I feel that one day i will meet him, I hope it is a good day and that it was as great as Mario’s.

Check out the story and pictures at

Hope a few of you out there wore your throwback Oakland jerseys today-and hopefully you didn’t spill any Guiness on it.

Be safe, but have fun!!

The 2005 Donruss Signature Series Game use bat/auto sells for $114.

There seems to be a resurgence in final bid numbers on Canseco autograph cards.

It is weird because there are only a few of us who openly admit to being Jose fans, so who are these other bidders that are willing to drop close to $100?

Don’t be a closet fan-stand up and be proud–especially if you are willing to spend that kind of cash!

Proving that Jose has one of the most loyal followings of any retired player, this /25 quad game used auto commands a hefty $103 winning bid.

Let me know about your recent Canseco pickups and whether you got it for more or less than what you expected.

Vindicated book tour..

March 9, 2008

If any of you Canseco fans meet up with Jose on his tour let me know how it went. So far the tour stops include New York, Boston, Multiple West Coast stops and Las Vegas.

I look forward to all posts!

Hello world!

March 2, 2008

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